Having a website alone is not enough for any business. A website will create the first impression on the reader and that impression will surely last for a longer period of time. In this competitive market, having an exceptional website is of utmost importance. The success of your business will depend on the number of


SEO is a technique used in determining the ranking of a website on various web search pages (SERPs), for example, Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Building up a SEO procedure for your business can help attract traffic to your site and will in turn increase your sales and revenue of your business. The objective of a

website-conversion rate

Maintaining the health of a website is extremely crucial for a smooth running of the business. A website is considered successful only when its website conversion rate is strong. If a website has a poor conversion rate then that clearly indicates that the business has to struggle to cope up with the market trends. User


Technological innovation has changed the way every industry functions. And the service industry is not left behind. According to Gartner, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can create more than 2.3 million jobs by 2020 thereby giving a boost to the economy. From activities to visitor experience to advertising, smart hospitality offers an assortment of cost funds and


The year 2017 saw a massive advancement in the number of users opting for mobile applications as their primary option. We have all got familiar with this latest culture of mobile apps for several purposes ranging from traveling, food, business, e-banking, social, news and many more. In 2018, we shall again see new trends in


Internet, a revolution, which has become a part and parcel of our lives. Internet is no longer a wealthy or rich man’s game. We all depend on the internet for every small thing. E commerce has unshackled another revolution nowadays. It has transformed the face of business and has re-defined it. E-commerce or Electronic commerce