ReactJS vs. Angular 2

A ReactJS and AngularJS comparison is a popular topic in technology area. React and Angular are both widely embraced JavaScript (JS) technologies that we use to fabricate interactive single-page applications (SPAs). The number of JS tools for fast single-page application development is expanding, making it more challenging for the web developers. AngularJS is based on



‘What you see is what you buy’ A logo is not just a name or symbol which is on top of a letter head, company website or a hoarding. It speaks volumes about a particular product or a company. The moment we see a logo in the form of a symbol or an icon, we


Clients/customers are the lifeline of any business. Having a healthy relationship with our clients requires dedication, patience and time. Whether we are undergoing a bad phase in our business or whether we are experiencing some of the greatest times in our business, our relationship with our clients/customers must be the same throughout. Relationship needs right



As we all know the e-mail marketing is the new revolution in the digital platform. The strategy here is to send mails to prospect buyers and clients and convert them into loyal fans. E-mail marketing is the most effective method of catering to the needs of your clients/customers. Let’s dive into this common yet unique

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Let’s first take a look at what advantages do CMS bring to the table. CMS is widely used, hence they become stable and secure with strong architectural frameworks. CMS integrates beautifully with the ecosystem allowing add-ons to come on board at a reasonable cost and effort. Extendable architectures allow you to extend the functionality of

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